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Four Rare Enamelled French Clay Pipes


Four Rare Enamelled French Clay Pipes

  1. (Sold) Joho Monkey.  Marked Gambia A Paris mark 1435 , representation of monkey that belonged to the Empress Eugenie , Napoleon consort. Height:  9.5cms (£350) 
  2. Skeleton smoking a pipe.  Marked:  Homer 2160 Omer Leurs.  Height:  8.5cms (£300)
  3. (Sold) Wellington – Satirical clay pipe lampooning the Duke of Wellington with a soldier on his back “THUMBING HIS NOSE” at the  Duke.  Duke of Wellington banned smoking from the army in 1842.  Marked:  Dumeul  St Omer. Height:  8cms (£350) 
  4. Pan. Height:  7.3cms  (£180)

Pipes can be sold individually (Price highlighted in red).

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